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With correspSearch you can search within the metadata of diverse scholarly editions of letters. One can search according to the letter's sender, adressee, as well as place and date of the letter's creation.

This web services assembles and analyzes files in the Correspondence Metadata Interchange (CMI) format which is based on the TEI extension "correspDesc" developed by the TEI Correspondence SIG.

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The bibliographic information of the scholarly editions can be found in the data overview.

The database is continually growing. Any published scholarly edition of letters (in print or digital form) can create an index according to the "Correspondence Metadata Interchange" format and register with the web service correspSearch.

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correspSearch v2 online

The next generation of the correspSearch web service has gone online. It now offers greatly improved search and filtering options as well as its own map-based search, which can be used to search for letters from a specific area in a specific time period. The whole website is now responsive and can thus also be used on mobile devices. Finally, a lot has been done "under the hood": the entire harvesting and ingest process has been improved.

»with apologies for the delay that has occured, I have the honour to be, with the highest respect, My dear Sir, Your faithful & obedient servant«

Wilhelm von Humboldt - Spachwissenschaftliche Korrespondenz William Marsden an Wilhelm von Humboldt, 21.05.1831, CC BY 4.0

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csLink – Link letters automatically across scholarly editions

The JavaScript widget csLink refers from an edited letter in its own digital edition to temporally nearby letters of the correspondence partners from other editions. For this purpose, the correspSearch API is queried in real time. The widget csLink available for download. [More Information]


The API allows you to query correspSearch automatically and integrate the results into your own website.

Query results are provided as TEI-XML files. See the documentation of the interface to learn about how to set up a query.

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If you have general questions or feedback concerning "correspDesc", the CMI format or the Webservice "correspSearch", you can join the mailing list of the TEI SIG Correspondence and post your request there. This allows other scholars to contribute to the discussion.

Otherwise (and especially if you want to report an error found in the web service) you can of course send us an email.


Letter versions¹ 240,957
Persons² 20,371
Places² 6,206
Publications 407
CMIF files 288
Oldest letter 01/01/1510
Most recent letter 17/12/2010

Notes on statistics: 1: A letter can sometimes be published in multiple editions, i.e. in several versions. 2: Persons and places that have been assigned a URI from a authority file or from the project itself.

Recently added data

  • Die Korrespondenzen der Malwida von Meysenbug : Teil 1, Briefregesten 1827-1873. Hrsg. vom Nordrhein-Westfälischen Staatsarchiv Detmold. Redaktion und Einleitung Annegret Tegtmeier-Breit. Nach Vorarbeiten von Christa Gehlhaus-Urban und Karin Hollmann, Detmold 2000. (Veröffentlichungen der Staatlichen Archive des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, Reihe C: Quellen und Forschungen, Band 46) urn:nbn:de:hbz:51:1-23645

  • Sophie von La Roches Briefe an Johann Friedrich Christian Petersen (1788–1806): Kritische Edition, Kommentar, Analyse, herausgegeben von Patricia Sensch. Berlin, München, Boston: De Gruyter, 2016.

  • Schwestern im Geiste: Briefwechsel zwischen Großherzogin Alexandrine von Mecklenburg-Schwerin und Königin Elisabeth von Preußen. Teil 2: 1851-1873, herausgegeben von Kathleen Jandausch und René Wiese, 2023.

  • Schwestern im Geiste: Briefwechsel zwischen Großherzogin Alexandrine von Mecklenburg-Schwerin und Königin Elisabeth von Preußen. Teil 1: 1824-1850, herausgegeben von Kathleen Jandausch und René Wiese, 2021.

  • Maximilian de Molière. Confronting Kabbalah. Studies in the Christian Hebraist Library of Johann Albrecht Widmanstetter. (Leiden: Brill, 2024).

  • Hans Peter Buohler: Arthur Schnitzlers »Medardus Affairen« Teil 1: Korrespondenzen. In: Hofmannsthal-Jahrbuch ⋅ Zur europäischen Moderne, Jg. 19 (2011), S. 79–215.

  • Arthur Schnitzler: »Das Zeitlose ist von kürzester Dauer.« Interviews, Meinungen, Proteste. Hg. Martin Anton Müller. Göttingen: Wallstein 2023, ISBN 978-3-8353-5471-5

  • Georg Forsters Werke: Sämtliche Schriften, Tagebücher, Briefe. Hrsg. von der Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR, Zentralinstitut für Literaturgeschichte. Bd. 10.1: Revolutionsschriften 1792/93. Reden, administrative Schriftstücke [...] politische und diplomatische Korrespondenz [...]. Bearb. von Klaus-Georg Popp. Berlin, Akad.-Verl.: 1990.

  • Alexander von Humboldts Klimatologie in der Zirkulation von Wissen: Historisch-kritische Edition der Berliner Briefe (1830–1859) und ihre Kontexte, hg. von Katja Schicht. Hildesheim / Zürich / New York: Georg Olms Verlag 2023 (= Potsdamer inter- und transkulturelle Texte, Bd. 21).

  • Espagne, Geneviève/ Savoy, Bénédicte (Hg.): Aublin-Louis Millin et l'Allemagne. Hildesheim, New York, Zürich: Georg Olms Verlag 2005.