Linking letters automatically and across editions

The JavaScript widget csLink refers from an edited letter in its own digital edition to temporally nearby letters of the correspondence partners from other editions.

The widget automatically queries the correspSearch API for letters from the same period with the same sender or recipient. The latter is done by specifying a standard data ID, such as GND or VIAF. The widget can be configured, e.g. how long the requested period should be or how many letters should be displayed.

Interested scholars can get an idea of how widget works in the edition humboldt digital, e.g. in Humboldt's letter to Soemmerring dated 5.12.1793 (link "Briefnetz erkunden" top right). The widget is also integrated in the Carl Maria von Weber-Gesamtausgabe, here for example in Weber's letter to Spohr of July 6, 1823 (within the box "Context" as "Briefnetz erkunden").

As a Javascript widget and based on the HMTL/CSS framework Bootstrap, csLink can be integrated into any digital edition in just a few simple steps.


The widget csLink is available under a free licence (LGPL) on GitHub.