Version history of the web service

This changelog lists only conceptual and technical changes to the web service. For ongoing additions to the data basis (new additions of CMIF indexes), please consult our RSS Feed.

Version 2.3.0 (October 2023)

  • New developed API-Version 2.0
  • CMIF Check
  • CMIF Preview

Version 2.2.1 (Juni 2023)

  • Various bug fixes
  • Cache handling for performance improvements

Version 2.2.0 (November 2022)

  • New filter "Occupations", based on the enrichment of person data from GND and Wikidata
  • Video: CorrespSearch - what is it?

Version 2.0.0 vom 24 June 2021

  • New, modular software architecture
  • Modules: csHarvester (XQuery), csIngest (Python), csSearch (vue.js), csWeb (eXistdb app), csAPI (eXistdb app).
  • Search now based on Elasticsearch
  • New search functions: Faceted search, extensive autocomplete
  • Map-based search function (BETA)
  • Start page for search with browsing suggestions
  • Clean URLs (user-friendly and search engine-friendly)
  • New page layout, better navigation
  • Responsive web design: site usable on all devices
  • Search supports edition-internal URIs for persons without an ID from an Authority File