Add indexes of letters to correspSearch

With correspSearch you can ...

  • make your edited letters easier available to the community
  • connect your edition of letters (automatically) with other editions
  • look for letters for your own research questions
  • contribute, to help facilitate research across widespread editions of correspondences

Any printed or digital scholarly edition of letters may provide their indexes of letters in correspDesc format and register the corresponding URL for the correspSearch web service. Here is how it works:

In 6 steps to a digital index of letters

In the Step-by-Step-Manual you'll learn how to search for authority file IDs and how to create a digital index of edited letters in the CMI format.


Documentation of the CMI format

Here you'll get a quick overview about the Correspondence Metadata Interchange format, with which you can provide an digital index of letters from your scholarly edition.


CSV to CMIF with Python script

Klaus Rettinghaus (SAW Leipzig) has developed a Python script, which converts CSV tables into CMIF files. The script and the manual can be found on the GitHub account of the SAW Leipzig.

Any further questions?

For more information see the FAQ section.